Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The Impact Texas A&M Foundation Giving Has on Students

Michael “Mike” Albert Hernandez III has led D & M Leasing in Dallas, Texas, as chief executive officer since 1984, and parent company Hernco, Inc., since 1990. Beyond his work as an executive, Mike Hernandez III supports community groups, such as CCEI in Brownsville and the Texas A&M Foundation.

The impact a Texas A&M Foundation donation can have on a student's life cannot be overstated. Financial aid has the potential to free students from the responsibilities associated with part-time jobs and related stresses, thereby allowing individuals more time to study and pursue character-building extracurricular activities.

Contributions can be made to an annual scholarship fund or established as an endowed gift, ensuring future learning opportunities in perpetuity. When making a donation, individuals may elect to specify a particular major or field of study they would like to support. Contributions can also be directed to students from a certain geographic region or to students enrolled in either graduate or undergraduate programs.

Endowed scholarships are particularly impactful at Texas A&M, as the foundation makes sure to invest endowed funds in a manner that ensures optimized growth with minimal risk to the principal. Only earnings are distributed through various or select scholarships, guaranteeing continued financial support to future generations of Texas A&M students.

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