Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The OP 10.33 Mission

Following over 20 years at the helm of D & M Leasing, a vehicle leasing company in Dallas, Texas, Michael “Mike” Albert Hernandez III has entered semi-retirement and turned his attention to a range of philanthropic endeavors in Brownsville, Texas. Working alongside OP 10.33, Mike Hernandez III has the goal of donating $10 million to a range of projects in the region.

Established to provide support to organized efforts to provide education beyond the high school level to every child in Cameron County, OP 10.33 implements various degree plans at high schools and higher education institutes. The organization also provides funding for high-tech educational programs that prepare students for an increasingly technical world, in addition to aiding nonprofit trade schools.

Beyond this work, OP 10.33 supports efforts to stimulate the private business sector in Cameron County and backs political candidates, regardless of affiliation, the have proven their ability to obtain funds from relevant government agencies for use in Cameron County.

On a wider spectrum, OP 10.33 commits to ensuring Cameron County’s hungry receive food and the underserved population has access to legal aid. Further, OP 10.33 works with private providers to ensure access to a wider range of health care options for the county's residents.