Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Services Offered by OP-10.33

Micheal (Mike) Albert Hernandez III has made his mark in the business community as Chief Executive Officer of D & M Auto Leasing.  In addition to running a thriving business, Mike Hernandez is a committed philanthropist and the founder of OP-10.33 in Brownsville, his hometown.

Focused on promoting economic growth in Cameron County, OP-10.33 takes its name from the phrase “land of opportunity by October 2033,” which expresses the organization's mission. In 2013, Brownsville was named America's poorest city by the Houston Chronicle. OP-10.33 set out to change that through comprehensive efforts to stimulate the economy and promote education.

OP-10.33 provides services in areas such as food and access to phones and computers for those in need. The organization collaborates with insurance companies and healthcare providers to supply services to people without insurance. 

In the field of education, OP-10.33's efforts include the support of trade schools and training programs. The organization also backs political candidates of any party that will further its mission.

Sunday, July 1, 2018

Dr. Jose Angel Gutierrez, Founder of V3 Army

Micheal Albert “Mike” Hernandez III graduated from Texas A&M University before embarking on a career that has included leadership positions with D&M Leasing in Dallas, Texas. Outside of his professional life, Mike Hernandez III supports nonprofits and organizations in his hometown of Brownsville, Texas, and the surrounding communities, including the V3 Army.

Based in Cameron County, Texas, V3 Army is dedicated to supporting the citizens of the region by driving governmental change. In addition to vetting and endorsing political candidates that support its goals, the organization hosts food drives and other community outreach programs. 

V3 Army was founded by Dr. Jose Angel Gutierrez, a longtime academic and community activist. Originally from Crystal City, Texas, Dr. Gutierrez holds a Ph.D. from the University of Texas, Austin, and a law degree from the University of Houston. For many years, he taught political science at the University of Texas, Arlington, where he founded the Center for Mexican American Studies. He is author or co-author of 14 books. 

Over his long career, Dr. Gutierrez has stood out as a champion for humanitarian values and social justice who helped lead the Chicano Movement and co-founded influential groups such as the Mexican American Youth Organization. Since then, he has become familiar to the nation as a frequent guest on national news programs, where he has debated extremists from across the spectrum. 

Dr. Gutierrez retired from teaching in 2015 and turned his attention to community organizing and grassroots activism through organizations such as V3 Army. In 2016, he volunteered for the presidential campaign of Bernie Sanders.