Thursday, August 31, 2017

Hernandez Shares Philanthropic Goals with The Brownsville Herald

As the CEO of D&M Leasing and Hernco, Inc., Micheal “Mike” Albert Hernandez III has amassed decades of experience in industries including auto leasing, real estate development, energy, and cattle ranching. A native Texan, Mike Hernandez III is dedicated to giving back to his community, and he recently sat down with local publication The Brownsville Herald to share some of his civic efforts. 

The piece by staff writer Steve Clark delves into the history of Mr. Hernandez’ significant philanthropic involvement. A native of Brownsville, Texas, who has lived and worked in the Dallas-Fort Worth area since high school, Mr. Hernandez always kept a soft spot for his hometown. When success at the helm of D&M Leasing allowed Mr. Hernandez to focus his efforts on his personal passions, he set out to enrich the community that helped shape his identity. 

Speaking with the Herald, Mr. Hernandez described his initial shock at the largely stagnant economic growth in Brownsville and Cameron County. “I personally don’t see a reason for it,” he said, noting that Brownsville’s location “on the border by the sea” makes it a significant economic asset to the county.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Mike Hernandez III Named Brownsville Avenger's Person of the Year

The chief executive officer of D&M Leasing, an auto leasing company in Dallas, Micheal “Mike” Albert Hernandez III is a native of Brownsville, Texas. In an effort to drive prosperity in his hometown, Mike Hernandez III supports OP10.33, through which he encourages positive change in Brownsville and the wider Cameron County area. 

In 2016, The Brownsville Avenger named Mr. Hernandez its “Person of the Year.” Noting the difficulty in fostering change in an area that traditionally has been unwelcoming to outside influences, The Avenger noted that Mr. Hernandez is perhaps the most active philanthropist in the region and commended him for not only talking about the changes he wishes to make in terms of local politics, education, and economy but also providing the capital to support his ideas.

The Brownsville Avenger, a news blog based in the city of Brownsville, Texas, stated its belief that OP10.33 would experience a bigger and better 2017 under the guidance of Mike Hernandez III.