Wednesday, April 26, 2017

D&M Leasing’s DoctorsAutolease Division Serves Medical Professionals

D&M Leasing chief executive officer Michael “Mike” Albert Hernandez III possesses more than three decades of vehicle leasing experiences and leads the Dallas, Texas-based company in offering a diverse range of car leasing services. Mike Hernandez III’s company also offers several professional services auto leasing programs, including the DoctorsAutolease Division geared toward medical professionals. 

The DoctorsAutolease Division launched five years ago and serves members of the medical community through a series of specialized services designed to meet the specific needs of physicians and medical professionals. Custom-tailored services provided include assistance in locating vehicles that match physician criteria, evaluating trade-ins, and facilitating leases through a remote platform. Leasing staff will also deliver guidance in structuring leases for maximum tax benefits and find new and pre-owned vehicles for the client’s family or medical practice. In addition, the DoctorsAutolease Division leases medical equipment with the potential for home and office delivery through incentive programs. 

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