Monday, February 6, 2017

Three Common Indications that It’s Time to Invest in a New Vehicle

A Texas native born in Brownsville, Michael Albert Hernandez III manages the operations of D&M Leasing in Dallas as its chief executive officer. Through the firm, Mike Hernandez III helps individuals lease their dream vehicles. 

One of the major benefits of leasing is the ability to get a new vehicle every few years. While individuals may truly love the cars that they now drive, the truth is that the car will need to be replaced at some point. Warning signs that may signify it is time to replace a car include:

1. Difficulty passing state inspection: Texas requires yearly inspections. If inspection time is a cause for anxiety because it often means costly repairs, it could be time to get a new vehicle. 

2. More than 100,000 miles: While many vehicles are designed to last much longer than 100,000 miles, that is about the time that a number of major, costly issues will start to occur. Individuals can often save money by investing in a new vehicle.

3. Ignoring the check-engine light: Often, when the light comes on, mechanics can find nothing wrong so drivers just start to ignore it. However, this tactic can mean that an actual problem is missed, which could result in dangerous circumstances or costly repairs.

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